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HOYBIR is flat, Legilone anti-supermarket, Thermal Son 2-1 Leeds Lian Kongi welcomes the first victory

  • 2021-11-24 20:26:31 |
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November 22 0: 30, Beijing time, the 12th of Premier League continued, and a pile was held at a pile house.

In 8 minutes of the game, LizLine breaks the ball and Dallas is slightly biased into restricted areas.

In 15 minutes of the game, Jack Harrison left the triangle on the left nearby, Galhart was played.

In a 21-minute competition, Sun Xingxi sent it, but I did not put my ball well.

In the game 30 minutes, Gelhart fed in the same order by Dell, and the referee showed yellow card.

At 44 minutes of the game, Jack Harrison was broken through the left passing through Enmenson. James has slipped on the door. James has broken directly. A sufficient 0-1 leader.

At 58 minutes of the competition, Xiao Luas returned to the underside and Herajigger was built in front of the front. Sufficient 1-1 leader.

At 69 minutes of competition, any Bouldelle fed to hit the wall after hitting the bolder, and the rejection of regin was broken, and it was a 2-1 leader.

70 minutes of the competition, Gelhart shooting hit a Harrican's hand when the value of the main referee is not a sphere.

In the 85th of the competition, it was confiscated on the door of the door after the left side of the restricted area.

At the end of the game, Thermal Sone 2-1 interfered.

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