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Sanzez Breaks, Mitrovich Humanchabi, Serbia 2-1 River Sport Gal Promotion World Cup

  • 2021-11-24 02:37:34 |
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24 Football News, November 15th, Beijing Time, World Cup Qualifier, European regional groups continued and Portugal came from Serbia.

B-Seat Festival was broken by Samsens for 2 minutes of the game. SANMENS protected penalty zones and protected Portuguese 1-0 Serbia.

In 9 minutes of the game, Serbia won the ball, but the fourth goal was invalid when Milinkovich-Saviki was fighting.

15 minutes of competition, C-Luo major fines are slightly higher than bolder.

At 32 minutes of the game, Tadi brought a shot of the throne, door, door, and patrichio.

It was disabled because two two columns of two pairs in the restricted area were sent to the front in one minute of 43 minutes of the game!

Games of 52 minutes of the game, Renetto Tour-Sanchez brought the ball to the restricted area and the ball was released and the shot was successfully blocked.

In a 79-minute competition, the cost is sent to the left, Nunno Mentens solved the ball.

At 90 minutes of the game, TADI sent it in central, Mitrovich Nodded and Killing, Portugal 1-2 Serbia.

At the end of the game, Portugal 1-2 is not a Serbian enemy.

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